Birmingham City and SEALIFE Ticket and Travel from Leicester and Leicestershire.


Opening Times:
February to November 10am to 5pm
November to February 10am to 5pm

Enjoy a day at Birmingham City and Experience the Sealife creatures up close!

Let us take out the hassle of your day trip to Birmingham City and SEALIFE with:

  • Direct route from your door to Birmingham SEALIFE saving a travelling time over 1 hours from the Leicester area (based on public transport).
  • Discounted Admission tickets can be included.(Deposit Required)
  • Enjoy what Birmingham City has to offer.
  • Pick up & collect at a time and day of your choosing.
  • Personalised travel - No sharing with strangers on a coach.
  • Catering for 2-8 people.

We are able to offer discounted admission and travel packages to suit your needs.

Ticket & Travel Prices from March to November 2017.

Ticket Type (Each) Gate Price
Without Travel
Total Number Of People Travelling
From Within The Leicester Area Only
(Price includes both Travel and Admission)

(Deposit Required)
8 7 6 5 4 3 2
(Ages 12-65)
£20.95 £32.25 £34.93 £35.17 £39.50 £38.50 £46.84 £63.50
(Ages 3-11)
£20.95 £32.25 £34.93 £35.17 £39.50 £38.50 £46.84 £63.50
Child Under 3 Prices shown above are for admission paying passengers only.
Although Child Under 3 tickets are free they incur a travel supplement fee as they are classed as a passenger in the vehicle.
Ask for more details or request a no obligation quote.

Children under 12 must be accompanied with an adult

Travel Prices One Way/Return From Leicester Area:

(One Pick Up - One Drop off)

Please note that Children Under 3 years of age are still classed as a passenger when calculating total number of people.

Total No. People 2-4 People 5-6 People 7-8 People
Prices £50/£100 return £65/£130 return £75/£150 return

New For us in 2017

Visit Birmingham City for Sight seeing and shopping along with your visit to SEALIFE

What's at Birmingham SEALIFE?

SEA LIFE CreaturesWhich sea creatures do you love the most? Magnificent Sharks, colourful Clownfish or perhaps inquisitive Sea Turtles? Does a clever Common Octopus grab your attention or do you prefer playful penguins? Maybe you simply can’t decide! At Birmingham SEA LIFE you can make up your mind and see them all - from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. And you’ll be able to get closer to them than ever before.

4D CinemaDive into the action with daring aquatic explorers Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso in Octonauts: Amazon Adventure 4-D! Visitors have never seen The Octonauts like this before! Health & Safety: The 4-D Cinema may not be suitable for children who are easily startled by surprises, loud music, or periods of darkness or for those who have back or spinal conditions. Theatrical lighting is used in the Sensorama 4-D Cinema, including strobe lighting.

Ocean TunnelJourney into our underwater world and meet our incredible creatures. Come nose to nose with our Black Tip Reef sharks and spot our Giant Green Sea Turtle, Molokai.

You can even help feed the animals.

SEALIFE is situated in the heart of Birmingham near its Symphony Hall and Shopping Centres so it is a short walk away from exploring what Birmingham has to offer!

Working Out Your Package Price
Example based on four people

2 Adults Ticket & Travel @ £38.50 each £77.00
2 Children (3-11yrs)Ticket & Travel @ £38.50 £77.00
Total Package Price £154.00